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Guide about equipment and enchanting!

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Guide about equipment and enchanting!

Post by firebird496 on Wed Jul 30, 2014 4:36 pm

Gear comes in two varieties - Armor that focuses on defense, more suited for warrior types, and armor that focuses on mdef, more suited for mages.

Gear has the ability to further increase your player's stats (strength, speed, dexterity, intelligence, and stamina) as well as vastly improve resistance versus damage types.

Normal gear is best suited for physical def, while mystical gear is best suited for magical def.
Gear falls under 4 categories,
Head, Body, Weapon and Legs.
Head gear includes Helms and Hats

Body gear includes Vests and Robes.

Weapons can be any variety of gear(orbs, swords, whatever), though they fit into mystic or normal types.

Leg gear includes Boots or Shoes.

All gear starts very weak. You can use synthesis crystals to improve gear. You can get these crystals through alchemy.


To enchant you simply click on the crystal and a popup will come up asking you what item you wish to enchant. You can only enchant equipment that you are not wearing. After enchanting you will use up a a enchantment spot and have better stats on your item.

Before enchanting and after fully enchanting (This required multiple crystals):

Aside from defense vs phys and mag, defensive gear pieces also can increase your overall resistance to damage by a certain percent.
Some gear requires a certain level before you can wear it, which can be seen from the shop or equipment screen.
Each piece of gear has a certain number of times it can be improved. With each synthesis crystal used the gear will slowly fill until it can no longer be improved, therefore it's good to decide how you want an armor to protect you before applying crystals.

All gear can be imbued with elemental energy. For weapons, each crystal used you add that element as an extra 5% damage per crystal used, while using an elemental crystal on armor will give a flat reduction of 25% damage of that type of element- meaning it's best to use an elemental crystal on armor gear only once per element type.

The maximum value of defense a normal (physical) armor can give you is 400 def 250 mdef or 250 def 400 mdef on mystical (magical) armor with a max of 10% dmg reduction.
It is rumored however that there are legendary pieces of armor that are even more powerful. Where these ancient relics of war are however is a mystery lost to time...


Synthesis: Increase all stats slightly *For str/spd/int/dex it depends on sword or staff
    -Lesser=Gives: 5 def/mdef 1 stam  Takes: 5 enchant slots\\\Gives: 1 str/spd/int/dex
    -Normal=Gives: 13 def/mdef 1 stam Takes: 2 enchant slots\\\Gives: 1 str/spd/int/dex
    -Greater=Gives: 15 def/mdef 1 stam Takes: 10 enchant slots\\\Gives: 2 str/spd/int/dex
    -Magnificient=Gives: 25 def/mdef 2 stam Takes: 15 enchant slots\\\Gives: 5 str/spd/int/dex
    -Supreme=Gives: 40 def/mdef 8 stam Takes: 25 enchant slots\\\Gives: 8 str/spd/int/dex

Aegis: Increase def and mdef with a slight boost to damage reduction and stamina (except shoes)
     -Lesser=Gives: 10 def/mdef 5 stam Takes: 5 enchant slots
     -Greater= Gives: 20 def/mdef 15 stam Takes: 6 enchant slots
     -Grand= Gives: 30 def/mdef takes: 10 enchant slots

Warding magic: Increases mdef with slight boost to stamina (Gives some def up to a cap)
    -Normal= Gives: 10 mdef 5 stam Takes: 2 enchant slots
    -Greater= Gives: 20 mdef 15 stam Takes: 5 enchant slots
    -Grand= Gives: 40 mdef 25 stam Takes: 10 enchant slots

Guarding Phantasm Crystal: Increases def with slight boost to stamina (Gives some mdef up to a cap)
    -Normal= Gives: 10 def Takes: 2 enchant slots
    -Greater= Gives: 20 def Takes: 5 enchant slots
    -Grand= Gives: 40 def Takes: 10 enchant slots

Shell crystal: Increases damage reduction
     -Normal= Gives: 2% damage reduction Takes: 5 enchant slots
     -Adamant= Gives: 5% damage reduction Takes: 10 enchant slots

Mystical Crystal= Gives boost to int and dex on items
    -Waning= Gives: 3 int/dex Takes: 2 enchant slots
    -Waxing= Gives: 8 int/dex Takes: 5 enchant slots
    -Crescent= Gives 15 int/dex Takes: 10 enchant slots
   -Shining= Gives: 3 str/dex Takes: 2 enchant slots*********bugged
   -Sunny= Gives: 8 str/spd Takes: 5 enchant slots
   -Solar eclipse= Gives: 15 str/spd Takes: 10 enchant slots

Elemental=Give elemental dmg or defense
   -Weapon= Gives: +5% elemental damage 1 str/spd/int/dex Takes: 15 enchant slots
   -Armor= Gives: -25% elemental damage 13 def/mdef 1 stam Takes: 15 enchant slots


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