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General guide of what I've seen so far (WIP)

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General guide of what I've seen so far (WIP)

Post by firebird496 on Mon Jul 28, 2014 9:06 pm

NOTE: Some things have been changed since the major updates. Skills in this list are no longer in the order of you learn them, and may not be fully updated. If you see something wrong please tell me online and/or message me and I'll fix it if possible.

Guide to generally help and for rewards cause... who doesn't like rewards? Damn you greedy Gayburdo. Also my first guide I believe so if there iss something wrong with it/confusing/etc... just tell me and I'll fix it. I should also point out the mana cost/damage in these are as accurate as I can make. It also obviously depends on your mastery, mana, attack/M.attack, and passives. A lot of this information is from other people/Zagros which will be in credits.


F=weak attack
G=strong attack and knockback
V=block (half dmg)
H=Convert your magic stat into melee dmg


School: There are boxes around the school and map in general that gives beginner items+recipes. So grab those. If you do the tutorial then talk to each teacher going from the left room to the right and make sure you open their chests (2 chests a room generally). It is suggested that you read what they say as they teach you the basics.


Training locations:

You can do the tutorial quests for an easy level to 17. Highly recommended.

Slimes: 25 exp 800~ hp 25 jewelz
They are right below the school.

Skeletons: 170 exp 3-5k hp 60 jewelz
West of the slimes in the graveyard.

Bats: ??? exp 100k~ hp
Follow the road south of the city. They lie in the cave right above the floating earth crystal.

Bears: 225 exp 4k hp? 73 jewelz
South of the cave bats. They are about as strong as the skeletons.

Harpies: 335 exp ??? hp 103 jewelz

Winged Ox: 443 exp 10-15k hp 113 jewelz

Goblins: 448 exp 10-15k hp 100 jewelz
Follow path south of cave bats, go past the bears, and at the very end theres a light crystal and two cliffs. The right cliff has the goblins.


Stats: When you invest into these stats they don't increase stats by an xxx number everytime. It is based on your level and what stat is highest. (according to Zagros) so play around with it I guess.

Str= Increases melee attack and health
Int= Increases magic damage and mana
Spd= Attack boost and increases movement speed with a passive
Dex= Increases magic damage more than int and increases critical chance rate on melee
Sta= Boost to health and mana

Class skills:

Ex-quip (Erza):Is now a hybrid type character. Recommended stats= str/spd/stamina... Str/dex/stamina

Heavenly battle armour: Allows you to use your armour skills and increases strength and speed.

Heaven wheel Armour skill 1: Shoots swords in a linear three tile fashion in front of you. Shoots continious for decent damage and low mana cost+low cd. Best skill so far

Heaven wheel Armour skill 2: Charge up a ring to shoot at an enemy, on hit it does low dmg and spreads swords in all directions around it for another hit.

Heaven wheel Armour skill 3: Charge up a blast in front of you that is 3 tile wide for low damage

Heaven wheel armour skill 4: Dash and hit a close target in a straight line for about the same damage as your G attack

Heaven wheel Armour skill 5: More advanced powerful version of skill 4

Gigantic armour: Still coming out.

(Credit: Zagros5000)
Tele-mage: suggested stats=Str/int/stam (This class is a little foggy on info as its been changed. some skills use str and others int it would seem so... try your luck)

Shadow Dance (toggle): Turn it on and double click somewhere to teleport. Costs mana on each teleport.

Distance strike: Turn invisible for a few moments before striking your target. Low-med mana cost and low-medium damage. Attacks whoever you targetted. Distance is anywhere on your screen. No CD.

Teleportation: Charge for a little bit before getting to choose where to go in the world.

Blitz strike: Disappear for a moment while attacking around you in an AoE 2 tiles around you in all directions.

Tele-blast: Hits your target multiple times doing low damage.

(Credit: David276, Josh1014, RedRamii, Hideki Ansem )
Dragon slayer fire class: Recommended stats=str, speed, int (raw damage) or str, speed, stam (more spam)

Eat magic: Eats magic to restore mana and take no damage.

Dragon claw: Use fire to slash twice in a three tile wide arc for high damage.

Dragon Force: A boost that gives you higher magical and physical damage.

Dragon breath: A flamethrower type skill. Hits multiple times for double your normal punches and can be pressed multiple times for a longer duration. Cannot move while using.

Dragon Rage: Multiple things fall from the sky randomly in a area of about 10-15 x 10-15. Does low damage but can be doubled with Dragon force.

Dragon wings: Five tile wide frontal attack that hits three times each damaging for about 2-3x your normal attack and extends 20 tiles in length.

Dragon Laser Beam: Charge for about 1-2 seconds and then shoot a beam that is 3 tiles wide and 8 tiles long doing about 3x your normal damage.

(Credits: Zagros, me)
Beast soul: Suggested stats=str/spd or str/spd/stamina
(This skill list is not in order)

Golem: Increases stamina and dexterity

Insanity: Increases speed and stamina

Ultimate beast: Increases all stats

Mouth blast: Shoots a three tiled wide fireball in a straight line.

Blast fist: Hits in an arc in front of you, two tiles long and three wide, twice.

Earth arrow: shoots a three tile wide arrow that pierces

Rock shatter: shoots in a 5 tile arc in front of you.

(Credits: Me)
Water mage: Suggested stats=int/dex/stamina

Water acid rain: Casts a rainfall in a 13x13 square box around you and constantly does damage to anyone inside. Low-medium damage.

Water blast: Shoots a beam of water in front of you that pierces. Med-high damage.

Water slicer: shoots a three tile wide waterfall in front of you. Med-high damage.

Water dragon: Shoots a piercing water dragon in front of you. High damage.

Water whirl pool: Forms a whirl pool that hits three to six times in an area that seems to be 3x3 in front or around you.

Water wall: Creates a three tile wide wall in front of you.

Water bullet: Shoots three piercing water bullets but only hits once.

Water Nebula: 5 tile wide attack that does high damage and low cool down. Shoots 5 water beams in front of you.

(Credits: me)
Jack of all trades:

Gust card: Pushes back anyone in a 5x5 square around you. Very low damage.

Lucky card: Throws a piercing gold card that does decent damage. Spammable.

Lucky card deluxe: Throws multiple cards in front of you in a three tile wide fashion. Does high damage.

Barrier: Puts up a barrier around you and anyone near you. Blocks all damage and lasts a while.

(Credits: Me)
Holy sage: Suggested stats= Int/dex/stam or int/stam

Light ball: Shoots a homing orb of light at the target for low damage. Low CD

Sap: Hits your target for decent damage. Unknown if it heals your health. Medium CD.

Holy Aura: A self heal. Pretty weak.

Holy Rain: A self+party heal. Amazing with low CD.

Wither: Damages the enemy for decent damage. Medium Cd.

Divine Aura: Slightly heals your health and mana.

Divine Rain: Party heal that heals mana too.

Celestial Rain: 3x3 AoE that hits anywhere between 3-6 times doing decent damage. Low-Medium Cd. Your best attack.


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