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Somewhat In-Depth Battle Mage guide.

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Somewhat In-Depth Battle Mage guide.

Post by Kurei on Tue Jul 29, 2014 8:26 pm

Battle Mage is heavily based off of Requip magic from the Fairy Tail anime; it has a reliance on a primary armor skill and several skills attached to each Armor. The class itself has the potential to fulfill many roles, but can (currently) fill the roles of a Tank or Close-Ranged DPS class through the use of its unique Requip spell mechanic.

How To Equip your Battle Mage
Currently there is really only armor that boosts physical defense and physical oriented stats when it comes to non-spell related equipment. However, in the future, I would highly recommend trying to obtain a balance of both physical and magical stats on arms and armor. The primary tank role, which only Beast Takeover truly shares with us, requires adaptation to handling both Magic and Physical threats, as well as the ability to switch between offensive types as necessary, leading to our stats being sort of "all over the place" unless we put a specific focus on one role and one role only.

Stats for a Battle Mage
In terms of non-level up stats, there are several things we need as battle mages:
--Attack Power*
--Magic Power*
*= Dependent on your combat focus, and future armors.

Some things to note when you are focusing on your level up stats:
--Strength and Stamina both boost Health. Strength boosts less Health, but also adds Attack Power.
--Intelligence boosts Mana and Magical Power, Stamina also boosts Mana.
--Dexterity increases Magical Power about the same amount that Int does; a combination of the two to a certain extent MAY improve your Magical Power much better overall.
--Speed is supposed to increase movement rate as well as Attack as General Ackbar says..."It's a TRAP!"

In my opinion, I would focus primarily on Strength, Stamina, and Intelligence over Dexterity and Speed, simply because the first three amplify your desired non-level stats the quickest and most effectively. Dexterity and Speed may be alternative options if their additional effects are eventually worth it, however currently they are not.

Passives and the Like
I would pick these at your discretion, in my opinion however, Mana/Health regen passives, the two instinctive dodge passives, and at least 100/150 Absolution are highly recommended due to this class' nature as a frontliner.

First Suit -- Heavenly Wheel Armor (HWA)
Heavenly Wheel Armor is an Armor that is pretty standard, what you'd expect of a knight. This armor awakens all the physical power within your body, strengthening the power of slashes and all four corresponding armor skills. The fierce combination of swift upfront attacks and devastating mid-range utility make the Heavenly Wheel Armor a true beauty to behold even the hands of a total beginner. Based off both Attack and Magic Power.

Armor Skill One (Cascade of Blades) -- This skill unleashes three waves of blades, slashing foes in a several-tile radius to ribbons, landing 3 strikes if none are dodged. This skill's mana cost, cooldown, and utility in the form of piercing through multiple opponents are all fairly efficient, so far it has been the most used on my HWA skills, even though Skill Three and Skill Four do arguably more damage.

Armor Skill Two (Heavenly Wheel) -- Focuses all your latent energy into your blade, unleashing a Wheel of magic that flies towards the opponent, dealing significant damage. After impact, it splits into eight prismatic blade which move outward, enabling it to strike multiple foes near the intended target. However, the mana drain and cooldown of this skill is quite excessive.

Armor Skill Three (Holy Impact) -- Fires off a wave of intense energy, piercing through multiple targets and dealing significant damage. This move would be the pinnacle of mid-range utility for the HWA, as opponents who attempt to escape have a high chance of still being clipped due to the wave's three-tile width. Again, the move is impeded by mana cost and cooldown. It has no other additional abilities, but the damage is indeed quite impressive when the technique lands.

Armor Skill Four (Divine Descent) -- The user dashes forward a couple spaces, closing in on enemy attackers, dealing some damage if they pass through an attacker's hitbox. In theory, this technique is fully capable of catching escaped prey, however the mana cost is quite significant despite the situational utility it provides. While Skill Three gets kudos for its amazing power, this one gets the same for good utility in the right situations, it is even able to climb mountains from the right angle. Good magic for use in exploration.

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