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~Newbies Guide for Age of Magic~

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~Newbies Guide for Age of Magic~

Post by DamionMitchell on Thu Aug 07, 2014 1:38 pm

So it's your first time on Age of Magic? No biggie, I got everything you need to know covered right here in this guide!

At the Login Page
You have among 9 classes to pick from in this game! Isn't that amazing?! Of course it is.

These classes are...

Battle Mage
Dragon Slayer (With a choice of Fire or Lightning)
Aura Caster (With a choice of Ice or Sand)
Jack of All Trades
Holy Sage
Water Mage
Beast Soul
Death Mage

The class page gives a some what in depth description of the type of class your choosing, it also tells you what you should focus your stat points on.

First time In-Game

You just spawned in the game! Now you're wondering what to do, huh?!

Walk on up to Guild Recruiter Ramos and Double-Click him to talk to him!
He'll teach you some stuff about the game!
Once your done there, proceed to the class room all the way to the left!
You will notice blue chests when you go in the classrooms, stand next to them and click them.
So once you get to the classrooms talk to these teachers in this order Laigen -> Gaito -> Tai -> Gin.

Gin will then give you a quest to kill 10 Slimes! Oh boy!
The Slimes are south of the tutorial area. Use what they taught you against the Slimes.

So, you're going to fight now! Remember when you picked your class? It said to focus your stat points into a certain stat. To apply your stat points, press menu at the left side of the screen, which will pop up a list of command on the bottom right of the screen. Click "Allocate Stat Points".
To check how many stat points you have, go to "Character Info" in the commands list.

Wait up, you're not ready to fight yet!

You need to put your skills in the hot slots.
Click "View Spell Cards" in the commands list, and drag your skills into the hot slots at the top right of the screens.

So, you think your ready now? Well, your not.

You also picked up some equipment in the blue chests!
Click "Equipment" in the commands list. If you hover your mouse over an item, it shows it's stats. You can Equip/Unequip the equipment by Right-Clicking then pressing Equip/Unequip.
Equip the equipment which helps your character the most.

Now leave the tutorial area, and go straight down to the Slimes.
Kill 10 of them, and to check your progress, click the "Quest" command in the command list.
The quest will auto complete once you kill the monsters.
Now that you killed them, go back to Gin and talk to him.

Now then, go talk to Guild Recruiter Ramos, he'll then tell you to find Magdalene.
Magdalene is right next to Guild Recruiter Ramos, with the cauldron.
Talk to her a bit, then she will give you a quest to find ingredients for her.
Come back to talk to Magdalene after each quest.

First quest is to find Golden Dust, which are right outside of the tutorial area.
Second quest is to find Rare Weed, also outside of tutorial area.
Third quest is to find Purple Herbs, which are once again outside of the tutorial area.

Once you finish the last quest, you should be level 17.
Go back to talk to Magdalene one last time.
Once you've done that go to Guild Recruiter Ramos, and he'll ask you if you want to join a guild.
You have 2 choices so far, Knight's Sword & Mystic Star

Once you picked your guild, he will tell you to find your guild.
Mystic Star is Northwest of the tutorial area.
Knight's Sword is North of the tutorial Area.

Now you have finished the tutorial!

Guild Quests

In your Guild House, there are Quest Boards on the wall.
Click the quest board, and it pops up with quests. Hover your mouse over the quest, and it tells you information on the quest. Click the quest you want to accept it. Quests auto-complete once you finish it.

You will get Exp, Jewels, and Reputation for completing a quest.

Reputation is used to gain ranks, there is no way to check your Reputation at this moment.


To sell an item it must have a value. You can check that by going to your Inventory and hovering over an item.

So, to sell an item go to your Inventory, and right-click the item you want to sell, then press "Get Rid". It will then pop up with a message saying "Do you want to destroy this item ....?", press Yes. You will get 1/4 or 25% of the value of the item that you want to sell.


To perform Alchemy, you will need recipes. Recipes can be bought or found in blue chests. Click them in your inventory to learn the recipe. It does not tell you the ingredients to the recipes, so I have found out all the ingredients for each recipe for you. Your welcome!


M. Potion = Meduce Flower + Bulb
R. Potion = Meduce Flower + Bulb
H. Potion = Meduce Flower + Fly Herb
S. Crystal = Golden Dust + Purple Herb
Shell = Golden Dust + Purple Herb
Gr. Guard Df = Golden Dust + Purple Herb
Great Guard Df = Golden Dust + Purple Herb
Guard Df = Golden Dust + Purple Herb
Gr. S. Crystal = Golden Dust + Purple Herb
Mag. S. Crystal = Golden Dust + Purple Herb
Sup. S. Crystal = Golden Dust + Purple Herb
W. Catalyst = Golden Dust + Rare Weed
E. Catalyst = Golden Dust + Fly Herb
F. Catalyst = Golden Dust + Meduce Flower
I. Catalyst = Golden Dust + Meduce Flower
L. Catalyst = Golden Dust + Bulb + Purple Herb

To produce these items, you will need click the "Alchemy" command in the command list.
Drag the items you need for the recipe into the Pot Icon to the left of the ingredients.
The ingredients will appear "In The Pot", and recipes will pop up in "Synthesis Possibilities".
Click the recipe to make the item, there is a chance you will fail at making the item since your Alchemy level is low. Just keep trying, and you will get your Alchemy level up in no time.

(Tip: Buy Recipebook003 from Recipe Seller to get Sup. S. Crystal recipe. Make those and sell them, they sell for 3,000 jewels each. Also, it's the best at improving equipment.)


Passives helps your character in tons of ways depending on what you spend your points on.
You get 10 passive points each time you level up, which can be spent by clicking "Use Passive Points". Hover your mouse over the passives to check what they do, and to see your passive points which are shown by (CP:#). Click the passive to spend your points.


Re-spec gives you back your Stat Points and Passive Points.To Re-spec you need to be Level 30+. You have unlimited Re-specs.
To Re-spec go to Guild Interaction -> Guild Actions -> Re-Spec.

There will be more updates coming, so I'll try to stay on top of this guide and update it.

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