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How To Login

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How To Login

Post by Zagros (Rhyuke) on Mon Jul 28, 2014 6:15 pm

Hey, so you've heard about this game and your wanting to try it right??? well if you are follow these steps to login and play together with the community

1) You'lle have to register on this website to make a Byond Account . It really is a simply process, just like every other website, it just needs a little bit of information as shown below:

2) After you've registered your going to have to download the engine in order to play. There are a few different version based on your Operating system, so be sure to choose the correct client.

3) After you've download the game login with your credentials and it will redirect you towards the Age of Magic game, simly fan it by clicking the plus:. and then join the game by clicking the large yellow button:

4) If the browser asks, allow the External protocal to Launch the Application

5) Allow the Byond application to download the needed resources for the game, which will take a few moments. You will then be connected to the server shortly and be able to traverse the wonderful world of magic known as: Age of Magic.

Have fun!
Zagros (Rhyuke)

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