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Death Mage additional spells

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Death Mage additional spells

Post by Kurei on Sat Aug 02, 2014 6:17 am

Wanted to suggest a couple of spells for Death Mage to make it feel more like a class that "Wields Death" as its weapon. Death Grip and Evil Explosion actually gave me a couple ideas, as the spells provide some unique combinations for the class. Some unique mechanics would also be necessary for the class.

A state the caster is put into while maintaining a summoned pet. A significant portion of their mana is permanently cut off from access (Either based off the pet spell itself, perhaps 10~15% pre-mastery, 5~10% afterwards). This unaccessible mana is considered the cost for pulling forth the undead being.

Basic Pet Commands
Possibly shareable between any class that relies on summoned beings (In fact, Celestial Spirit Mages could even make use of the above system too). The pet's default behavior is just to follow slightly behind the player, however it can change between one of three modes:

Assault: In this mode, the pet will immediately rush anything the player targets within a 20 tile radius, and begin combat with it. Pet will randomly utilize pet skills in this mode.

Alert: The pet stands alert, walking constantly beside the summoner rather than behind. If the summoner is hit by a target from within a 20 tile radius, it will immediately begin pursuit of the target. Player can use the associated keys to trigger the pet's commands at will in this mode.

Awaiting: In this mode, the player's control system switches over to the pet, allowing them full movement and activation of pet skills as they see fit. It may be wise to use some form of a barrier spell if you are using this mode...

Additional notes: Pets die instantly if the summoner is defeated; pets do not award exp; pet stats should scale off user's. Death Mage's pets have a unique stat called Soul Force; the soul can only remain called for so long, and using skills drains this stat -- the pet will vanish after Soul Force is fully drained.

Death's Chevalier

This spell summons a Skeletal Knight to aid the caster, putting them in the Summoning state. Its primary role is to defend the Death Mage from enemy attackers, giving little thought to offense. The Chevalier itself has Three unique abilities alongside the basic pet commands.

Health: 200% of summoner's
Soul Force: 35 (50 at mastered)
Defense: Summoner's Stam/5
MDefense: Summoner's Stam/10
Attack Power: 110% Summoner's Magic Power
Magic Power: 75% Summoner's Magic Power

Innate Ability -- Death's Ward: This pet defaults to the "Alert" state, and will not move to pursue attackers unless the state is changed. While in the Alert state, the Death Mage receives Stam/10 (Stam/5 if mastered) less damage from magical attacks.

Unique Ability 1 (20 mastery required) -- Unholy Crucible: After using this skill, the Chevalier's state is changed to Assault, causing it to pursue the target. Unholy Crucible places a warding shield on the Death Mage, reducing damage taken by a flat 500 for 15 seconds. Drains 5 Soul Force.

Unique Ability 2 -- Preemptive Strike (0 Mastery required): Only usable while in the Alert state, places a buff on the Chevalier that allows it to counter-strike, stunning those who would attack it or its master for 3 seconds. This buff can only remain active while in the Alert state, and drains 1 Soul Force per counter-attack. The counter-attack proc has a cooldown of 6 seconds.

Unique Ability 3 -- Chevalier's Unliving Grasp (100 Mastery Required): The Chevalier expends a large amount of Soul Force to impale the targeted enemy, emerging from the Alert stance, and drains away the victim's Defense/MDefense stats for 1*Expended Soul Force seconds. During this period, the victim can only target the pet itself. Consumes up to 19 Soul Force, intended as a last resort, User's Soul Force must be at or below 20 to use.

Spectral Saboteur
A dead soul at the mage's disposal, in life it was a sneaky rogue skilled at subterfuge; this pet will serve its new master through stealthy, unforgivable tactics. It possesses two innate and three unique abilities.

Health: 95% of summoner's
Defense: Summoner's stam/10
MDefense: Summoner's stam/10
Soul Force: 35 (60 at Mastered)
Attack Power: 135% summoner's Magic Power
Magic Power: 55% summoner's Magic Power

Innate Ability -- Stealthed Pet: The pet's icon is Transparent and visible only to the summoner while in the Assault or Awaiting states. It's first attack against a targeted player will deal 20% extra damage, and remove the Stealth.

Innate Ability -- Fleetfooted: Has a 10% chance to avoid all attacks by a targeted opponent for 5 seconds.

Unique Ability 1 -- Sabotage (0 Mastery Required): While the pet is Stealthed, this spell will create an opening for the Death Mage to attack by pinning it's target in place for 20 seconds (They can still cast/attack, however they cannot turn or move). The pet will immediately move to attack the victim from the behind. Hope you brought a partner. Consumes 9 Soul Force

Unique Ability 2 -- Embargo (25 Mastery Required): Refuses the target any of their "supplies", which in this case refers to life energy. Prevents healing and regeneration of the target for 10 seconds. Consumes 10 soul force.

Unique Ability 3 -- Illusory Arms (100 Mastery Required): Strikes the targeted victim rapidly at the cost of a massive amount of Soul Force. This attack can only be used in a situation where one must TRULY display vile rougeishness! The victim receives a massive amount of damage and a Damage Reduction debuff equivalent to the Soul Force expenditure. Must be at 30 or less Soul Force to use this ability. Consumes ALL Soul Force.
30 Soul Force -- 75% Attack Power*2 hits, 20% Damage Reduction debuff
20~29 Soul Force -- 90% Attack Power*3 hits, 18% Damage Reduction debuff
10~19 Soul Force -- 125% Attack Power*3 hits, 14% Damage Reduction debuff
1~9 Soul Force -- 200% Attack Power*3 hits, 8% Damage Reduction debuff

Some Afterthoughts
Had an idea for a undead serpent-type one, "Graverobber Orochi", with a mix of the two main points of the above ones -- really great utility and high power overall, with average health, however an extremely low amount of Soul Force to offset its massive power. I don't really have details sorted out for it movewise or anything though.


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