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Current issues with Damage, lack of MDef. isn't the full story.

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Current issues with Damage, lack of MDef. isn't the full story.

Post by Kurei on Tue Jul 29, 2014 7:38 pm

An 80 Def count reduces most physical based (Currently 2 magic types are entirely physical based with few magic options) damage to 10k at best, if you factor in a maxed Absolution passive, it's technically 7850 damage. A tank built character with 170+ strength and 200+ stamina has about 46k hp in the 40's, it would take several physical hits for the tanky character to lose, and due to how Strength works, would have an equal chance of winning against the opponent as well.

20 MDef (About the best you can do currently) does not even cut 2~3k damage off of the 80~90k damage pure int builds are currently dealing at lower levels than physical characters. This brings to question that the lack of Mdef by both mobs and players does not tell the whole story.

I think it would be a good idea to take a look at the Magic Power Modifier of damage-based skills; it seems like some are scaling a bit much off of it (Example: I have 20k Attack Power at level 42, I'd imagine the magic power of these people in their 30's doing around 80~90k are around the same if pure Int builds with little to no Stamina), and possibly bring it down. Or make overall Magic Power gains slightly lower.

All-in-all, the only real criticism I have at the moment is that Dragonslayer, Aura Caster, and Holy Sage seem to be incredibly imbalanced due to Magic Power scaling, not just the lack of Magic Defense on players or mobs at the moment.

**A little side note, Jack-of-All-Trades does not seem to be as broken with a pure Int build, I'm wondering what the difference is. 0.o


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Re: Current issues with Damage, lack of MDef. isn't the full story.

Post by Zagros (Rhyuke) on Sat Aug 02, 2014 2:22 am

we've updated to fix this thanks
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